One Spouse's View

I myself do not have RA, but my wonderful wife does.

I had heard of RA for many years and knew some people who suffered from RA, but it was not until I met my wife and got married that I started to understand how much individuals with RA battle each day. Many times the people in their lives do not understand that some days it takes all they have just to get out of bed. Even I did not understand early on why my wife would get so upset when I would try to help her do chores. I thought I was being a helpful spouse when at times I was making her feel that she was inadequate because of her RA.

She soon started to share articles from this site and others on facebook and so I started reading the stories and so many of them hit home. I started to at least understand some of what my wife was going through and realizing how strong all of you that suffer from RA are.

It is because of sites like these and the stories that are posted that me and my wife now have a better relationship than we ever had. I have learned that I need to be there for her but not trying to do every thing for her. She knows her limits and knows that I am there to back her up if she needs it.

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