RA or not RA???

Hi there,
I am a concerned mother of a daughter that suffers in agony daily.
She presents with many symptoms of an auto immune disease but as yet they are unsure which one it is.
She was diagnosed in 2010 with an auto immune disease by a Rheumatologist in Queensland and was put on Methotrexate once a week starting on a 10mg dose to help slow the disease down and hopefully bring it under control gradually going up in doses. As she was feeling gut wrenchingly ill from it she ceased taking it as there was no nausea tablet available for her that would work, except for a wafer like little tablet that she tried but they told her she couldn't stay on it because it was only given to patients who had leukemia, (the system sucks in so many ways). So as she couldn't handle the nausea she stopped the methotrexate. Over the years her condition has deteriorated and she is in more and more pain every day. Recently she moved to Adelaide and found out that Methotrexate is also given in Injection form so she has been going to see Rheumatologists on and off now for over a year trying to get put on the injection instead as it would by pass the stomach and not cause her nausea. But her blood tests keep coming back as normal and seronegative and they won't treat her. She is on strong pain killers for the pain but they only mask over the pain and don't get rid of it completely. She is suffering from lack of sleep from all the pain in different parts of her body and she now suffers from depression and anxiety too, she and her partner constantly argue and she doesn't want to do anything or go anywhere because she is always in so much pain. She wants to go back on the Methotrexate as it was working and also prednisone helps immensely with the pain too but it causes bad side effects. She is at her whits end not knowing what to do and doesn't know how much more let downs she can take. I as her mother am concerned for her safety as I am worried she may harm herself. I don't know what to do and I so want to help her.

Mum :(

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