RA Fatigue is Ruining My Life

I was diagnosed with RA, fibromyalgia and an overlap of lupus. I also have thyroid cancer and several other health issues. I have found some relief from the joint paint after starting infusions, but the constant fatigue and stomach issues have ruined my quality of life.

Fatigue is getting in the way

Since the medication has helped with the joint swelling and some of the pain I feel like I should be doing things, but I just have zero energy. I started taking sleep medication trying to get a full nights sleep but even that doesn’t help.

Increased feelings of depressionI think my depression is greater because of the fatigue and not feeling like I can finish any task I start IF I start at all. I cry every day. Friends don’t ask me to do things any more because I never know from day to day how I will be affected.Not feeling support from my spouseMy husband is not sympathetic at all. He calls me lazy and asks what I do for HIM since he works every day, takes out the trash, cuts the grass etc. I am sure to keep our laundry done, clean the bathrooms, and cook most meals, but extras are few and far between. I get it, I am a burden.He goes to none of my rheumatology appointments, or any doctor appointments for that matter. I’ve had two spinal fusions, three thyroid surgeries and go for infusions every four months. I take 16 pills a day to try to manage my different issues and I’d like to try and get off as many as possible.I’m feeling hopeless and overwhelmed at this point. I just have zero support here. I’m so incredibly sad. I hate RA.

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