Pain Be Gone!

Last updated: May 2023

Hi everyone. I'm eventually back online again.

It's been a while, so I'll briefly re-reintroduce myself. And hope for the best with my grammar and spelling.

Pain from an early age

As a youngster, I went into the world of musical theater because of my dance and acrobat training.

In a nutshell, my parents placed the blame on all my pain I experienced (especially at night), on my acrobat training. I continued with my crazy career choice well into my forties.

By now I realized something was wrong. My pain level was indescribable.

I obviously chatted to my counterparts in the industry, and much to my dismay, my pain description was not on par with theirs.

I was on my own attempting to manage my bizarre pain.

First rheumatologist meeting

That day eventually came, I was in a balancing sequence with my performing partner, balancing on his shoulder with only one hand, legs in a split in the air; and I was unable to grip his shoulder with my fingers.

Thank goodness this happened during rehearsal!

My performing partner brought me down softly and admonished, "No more, we're taking you to a specialist!"

Off to the ER, then off to a rheumatologist. I was clueless and now terrified. Through all the testing, I imagined the worst.

I found out the reality extremely fast of what rheumatoid arthritis was. I was told my pain as a child, was more than likely JRA. Lovely...

Not fully understanding what my life would entail. Off I went into the unknown.

The immense amount of pain meds, which over the years, assisted in my gaining 50-pounds! It was horrifying.

I wasn't sure what was worse to attempt any kind of exercise. My additional weight exhausted me, but the RA pain was debilitating!

Yes, I was aware of my breaks and many stress fractures from my years of performing.

Being a lover of academics, I decided, Pilates was going to tackle it all! Ha. My major introduction to the beloved "brain fog."

Now, my background included the study of anatomy and physiology. So truly, I never expected not to be able to remember my trade.

The extent that "brain fog" was a major jolt. (I had yet to be told of that term). While I aced the practical side of the exercises on the many arrays of equipment required for Pilates, I totally flunked the written and practical side.

I was embarrassed and felt defeated. Too stubborn to give up, I did indeed certify.

Introducing the tens-unit

I began working in a physical therapy establishment. Loving the fact I now had access to all the expensive equipment, the next obstacle reared it's ugly head.

I could barely get by a morning, working with patients, because: I couldn't stand for long periods. But neither could I sit for long periods.

The owner of the physical therapy practice was incredible towards my dilemma. He introduced me to the "tens-unit."
That unit attached to me daily, completely assisted in my newfound career.

Never a dull moment

Many years later, my weight back to a manageable level, and I slowly but surely stopped utilizing the tens-unit.

Fast forward ten years. I've now been sent (by my rheumatologist), to a pain management speciality clinic.
So now I'm living on a massive amount of RA meds as well as a pain regiment of meds. My weight exploded yet again.

Being terrified to continue taking the addictive pain meds, the doctor then discussed the dreaded...back surgery.

Now obviously by this stage, I had undergone a few surgeries due to my past career. The recovery from each of those surgeries was nothing compared to the exasperating pain from RA.

So now, the discussion was implanting a device into my back and managed by my cell phone, picking up the signal inside my body.

At this stage. I understood all the medical terminology but could not share with anyone, what I'd just been told! It was humiliating, that I was educated and extremely well versed in anatomy and physiology. But the actual words, had disappeared.

Oh great. The next inconceivable hurdle.

Avoiding surgery

I was pretty adamant I was not keen on anything being inserted up my spinal column. I was saved by my pain specialist saying I was not covered under my medical plan for the surgery. That usually irritating "you need to apply for that XYZ paperwork first."

That "one more paperwork application" saved me in more ways than I can convey.

It would take at least two years until I would be able to have the surgery. I was elated.

I truly was terrified of having a device implanted in my being. So what's the point of my long trek narrative?

I was yet again advised by my pain specialist, to try my long-forgotten pal. The tens-unit! I can honestly share with you my RA friends. It has been an incredible relief. Yes, some days I may require an assist to walk, but, the "PAIN BE GONE".

Years ago. My first purchase of the tens-unit was costly, to say the least.

Now days, I found a wonderful tens-unit device plus, pads, online for a mere $22. I am not in any way advertising any company or product.

Wishing for better days

I am sharing with you all, my fellow RA-ers. What has paved the way for my daily "pain be gone."

Please be certain to obtain medical advice before attempting to purchase this or any device.

It is not recommended to help the pain or twitching we all experience trying to sleep

It is NOT to replace our daily dosage of RA meds or any other doctor recommended medication.

I am merely sharing with our RA friends, what assisted me personally in my "pain be gone."

I truly wish for you all to find your own "one thing" in your road to illeviating your own pain levels, however brief.


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