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For pain. Blessed with RA

Hi, I’m 69 years old and found out I had RA 5 years ago. The Drs and I believe the meds I took for Spinial stenosis had been masking the symptoms for some time. Prednisone for a year left me with 50 lbs that will not go away. I have had one total knee replacement need the other one done and was recently diagnosed with tarsal sinus syndrome. I take Humira methotrexate and folic acid and tramadol for pain. Seems, I sleep less and less and of course the fatigue is horrible.

All that being said, after reading the stories and forums on here I am blessed. I am still able to do most of my daily chores, sit on the floor and play with my great granddaughter and get up by myself! I still plant in my garden and do the vegetables and the yard work. I still drive my 4 speed corvette to car shows with my husband and even enjoy a day of target practice with family and friends now and then. Of course there are days nothing gets done but then the flares go away and for a little while I feel almost normal.

So, yes I have RA and while it’s horrible, at this time it doesn’t control my life. It breaks my heart to read the stories of the suffering on people on here and I know that it could someday be me. Yes, I have ra but I am blessed.

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  • Erin Rush moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Libby! First off, thank you for sharing your warmth and positivity with the community. You obviously have a caring and tender heart. I am glad that, despite dealing with chronic conditions for years, you are able to see the positives in your life.

    And frankly, I am impressed at both your driving of a sports car AND your target shooting; two skills which have managed to elude me for decades!

    I hope RA gives you a break and lets you enjoy many more years of yard work, playing with great grandkids, and driving fast and shoot accurately.

    Thank you again for sharing and for being a bright spot in this community!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

  • Libby author
    1 year ago

    Thank you Erin
    Some days are good and some are back but right now the good outweigh the bad.And yes I love my little sports car. Driving it seems to always make things better along with gardening the kids and of course a day with the family shooting. KEEP TRYING YOU WILL GET THERE

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