Who has parkinsons disease and RA?

2009 I was diagnosis with Parkinson Disease.
In 2011 I was diagnosed with RA, 2012 my husband died after a short illness.
In 2013 sold my 5 bedroom house in the country moved into a mobile home.
In 2014 moved to senior retirement community.
May 2014 Deep Brain Stimulator put in for Parkinson Disease = PD.
Early 2016 did a VECTRA test wow stared on
Remicade after 5 years or Plaquenil, Sulfasalazine, include adding MTX.
So, now I am living in a Nursing Home. I will be 64 in a few days I am able walk, sometimes with a walker for PD. God has given me a plate full but I still keep going!! There is more but I wont go into all that.

I will publish this now and stop.

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