Patiently Waiting In The Big Chair

It excites me to wait patiently in the big chair that I'm so familiar with when I do my regular Dr. visits. Yes, another month has come and it's that time again. It's time to see the Dr. with all the too familiar language of my daily symptoms. I feel like I am going to a rehearsal, with the exception I don't have to try out for the part. I am already the actor, main character of my illness.

Upon my arrival I always look forward to this beautiful, stuffed with soft acrylic cotton, chair. It has matching pillows to support your back as well. I position myself for the 10 to fifteen-minute wait. I lay myself back and get very comfortable while listening to the crystal clear tunes playing from the built in Bose speaker system attached to the waiting room. During this wait there are times when the waits are pleasant and times when I am feeling like where is the lion that has ripped my body up. (Literally)
I cross my short legs and find a good read, play with my fingers in anticipation of minutes being called.
When you are in any type of body pain a five-minute wait can be hard, but I'm grateful for the big oversized chair. It takes my mind off of what else is going on around me. I'm finally called and the visit ends and I eagerly await the next appointment. At some point, I realize another visit has begun and has ended. Unfortunately for me, I will leave the office, and the big chair, but I do know that when I come back for my next visit, the big chair awaits me.
When your back, your hip, legs are in pain, this chair is a blessing. Your support, comfortable level is very important even when your wait may be only 15 minutes. Sometimes for RA patients the pain can be a bit much. Ouch!
In waiting your legs get stiff, back locks up, hip feels so stiffned. We all know that from visit to visit, you take your meds, PT if necessary, sleep your 8 hours, eat right, you keep your stress level down.
Even then, you will find yourself in the Dr. office. I have nights when I can rarely get three good hours of sleep.
I keep my bio freeze close by my side.
It would be marvelous and pure joy to have a process of waiting in between appointments where all is well. There are no guarantees. The great thing about awaiting the next Dr. appointment for me is my big oversized chair. When I'm tired, body is aching, swollen knees joints, stiff arms, my big chair is a relief.
If the big chair that sits so elegantly in my Dr. office would have the verbal of language communication, it would simply say to me. "Have a seat. I know your coming for me. I'm right here for those RA patients that need a moment of comfort."
This is one of the satisfaction of knowing you live with pain, you can rest assured that the big oversized chair is positioned and ready to hold you up. It only makes for a welcome visit the next time I'm seen at the Dr.'s office. I'm always waiting in the big chair.

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