Physical and Emotional Pain

I am a newcomer. I never knew inflammation of any kind. Until 2016.

The pain was gradual

It started gradually - beginning in my muscles, and slowly but surely overpowering my joints. At the end of August 2016, I had to resign my job because I couldn't move without excruciating pain through my whole body. I couldn't sleep due to pain. Every little movement was painful.

Initially, the diagnosis was polymyalgia rheumatica

The doctors prescribed Medrol (Cortisone - prednisone), with the expectation that the disease will be cleared up in 2 to e years time, due to current research on this condition. However, I am still going strong on cortisone, with a lot of bad side effects: skin problems, fatigue, sleeping problems, muscle atrophy, feelings of depression, and more. The inflammation and pain, however, have not yet vanished.

I'm still getting lab work and testing done

Yesterday, after having to wait through lockdown, I had an appointment with an internal medicine specialist. Blood samples were taken at a lab (15 different tests will be done), and I'll see her on 19 June again.

So, in short, the beginning of my story. The ups and downs of emotions, I believe, will be well-known to all RA sufferers. I don't know yet if my condition will be diagnosed as RA, but at least it seems that polymyalgia rheumatica is not the problem anymore.

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