Finally getting a plan in place.

Hi all. It's been a long journey without a map and no GPS. I haven't had a regular Rheumy since I got diagnosed 11 years ago. There is not a doctor who comes to my town and I could only see someone once a year if I drove 90 miles one way... and it was always someone different each time I went. All that changed when I made a "I'll take anybody" appointment a few weeks ago.

I have never had a really bad flare. Four or five days of Prednisone always kicked me back in gear. I have been going downhill for many months but would not admit it. With nobody checking my blood tests, or ordering the right blood tests, I went under the radar. I finally got to the point where I couldn't move any joint without pain. I own a store and run it myself. I was killing myself at work and spending my time at home trying to get ready to go back.

The doctor that I saw is a family medicine doctor. The most amazing part for me is that his wife had R.A. and he is an expert at diagnosing, treating and UNDERSTANDING R.A. Most unfortunately, his young wife died. The way he talks about her struggle makes her sound like an amazing example for us. I am so fortunate to have found him.

We tried the usual short course of Prednisone a few weeks ago. It helped a bit, but stubborn me didn't go back right away. I went back today and he said that this had gone on long enough. He put me on a 14 day course with a taper and is researching my current med (Enbrel) and pondering adding Methotrexate to it. He is heavy into researching everything and has agreed to be my Rheumy. Imagine that. A doctor that I can count on, can go to, can question about things, etc. A doctor who will help me with a plan. I have hope... and hope will go a long way.

I'm not great at asking for help or support, but I enjoy checking in here. I don't feel like a burden here. I don't feel like I will be pitied here. Thanks for reading this. I feel better already. Calm seas to everyone.

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