Me against me!

I was diagnosed in 2016 with this horrible disease. In the beginning I had no clue what I was in for, and to be honest I was that person who thought it was “just arthritis." After extensive research I learned what kinda “beast” I was facing.

I changed my lifestyle for this disease

I changed my diet - I changed my entire lifestyle - and I had this thing in remission for an entire year. My Vectra score was the lowest my doctor has ever seen, and I was, and still am on a mild form of treatment for RA. I’m taking Plaquenil.

The beast has returned after remission

Well, fast forward to now, the beast has reared its ugly head again. I am still taking Plaquenil. I tried Methotrexate took that for 5 months, and in 5 months it destroyed my body. Obviously I won’t take that again. I’m not interested in trying any other medications because they terrify me.

Remaining grateful despite RA's challenges

What I do know is what you focus on you become. I have made it my priority to stay positive even on the days I can barely move. I make it my priority to wake up grateful, and live with purpose every single day. Sure I have a pity party for myself some days, and I am pissed that I have RA, BUT I don’t stay in the mindset long.

Although we have this unfortunate disease that seems to just hit us out of no where it does not define us! We can be successful, we can be positive, and we can be happy! To my fellow warriors keep going! Don’t ever give up, or give in! 💜💜

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