RA POSITIVE, rest of blood work normal, no diagnosis

Last updated: May 2020

Hoping for answers...

My story began just a few months ago. I woke up one morning with my right big toe kinked, felt like it came out of its socket. I thought maybe I slept wrong. Tried wiggling and it finally snapped back into place. This went on every morning with lots of discomfort creeping into the arch of my foot. 5 days later I woke up in morning with my right index finger kinked also! Few days later it was also my right thumb! Every morning so far I am waking up to this ordeal but each day is getting worse with pain. Now I have constant pain on both sides of body. Knees, hands, legs, feet, fingers, toes. Low grade fever all the time. Lots of fatigue involved too. I tested RA factor positive with first test given by my physician. He referred me to rheumatologist. Seen Rheumatologist 2 days ago. 9 viles of blood work later, everything came back negative except RA factor came back positive. She called it borderline. It was 36.4. The first one was 36. Do not know results from x-rays of my hands and feet yet. Since I have seen her my pain is getting stronger. I am to take Diclofenac sodium 50mg twice a day. So far no relief. Has anyone had lab work come back like this? Anyone have these symptoms? I don't know what to make of all this!

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