Good Period, But Still Issues

Last updated: June 2022

Hi all, yes I have had a good period for close to 2 months. Even though, there are still issues that are going on with me.

New RA procedures

In May I had first left knee, and hip corticosteroid injections, then about 2 weeks later in my right knee.

I have seen my new GP a number of times, the last time was yesterday Friday, June 10th. He has gotten to know me quite a bit.

Now. As I mentioned in a comment I made on an article I questioned my rheumy about my high CRP counts the last few bloodwork.

Searching for lymphoma

So now, I had special bloodwork done this week and he sent a letter to GP requesting he book certain CT scans to be done. (Because I live in a different area and am closer to a hospital here).

Apparently, he is looking for lymphoma. So now waiting on a call as to these tests to be done. Chest, abdomen, and pelvic area CT scans - also one on my thyroid.

Along with the blood test had done this week.

I have had some fatigue days this week but did have appointments so worked through them.

That's all for now. Thank you for your interest and concern.



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