Psoriatic Arthritis

I worked as a laborer since high school. I was healthy and understood the risks of my career in the outdoors, so health and fitness was a major focus for me. Through hard work and always showing up I worked my way up to opportunities as a skilled laborer. I enjoyed my job in construction when things went according to the plans. When I was 29 I had a fall that left me with fractures along my spine. I was able to walk somewhat again after a while but my legs have never really been the same. The health care I signed up for said there was a 10 month waiting list. By the time I got my MRI's, most of my doctors felt physical therapy and time was all I needed to heal. So I attended appointments on every day I felt able to get myself there. I developed psoriasis during my attempt to recover. So I had to treat that too. I was doing physical therapy and photo therapy 5 days a week for almost 6 months. And applying for work that allows that was a struggle. Job interviews helped me feel better about taking control of my life again. But I was having these pains in my neck that were concerning enough for me to talk to my doctor about what I should do to be sure I don't make it worse. We took some new MRI's and I was expecting to hear I was getting better and these are just memories of those pains acting up. But he told me it looked worse. I've had several opinions from several doctors about it now, and they all say I have a lot of arthritis in my neck, my lower back which had some has not progressed much. So if I made a difference in my lumbar, I hope I can with my neck. But I feel like I am facing a health concern that requires all my attention if I want to heal and reclaim my confidence in motion. I am 34 now and by this point I am looking into going back to school again for another line of work. One that doesn't involve carrying heavy material up stairways or using jack hammers. But all the work I trained for in my life requires full time and reliable availability of course. And explaining to a job you have appointments you cannot miss seems to have them consider someone more available. But they encourage me to apply again in the future.

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