Psyching Up

This is something that is not unfamiliar to me. Why? because I am fearful of injections and all those medical procedures that bring pain. I've managed to find a solution to my problem. I found that mentally psyche myself to prepare for the injection tremendously helps me. I found that if I put myself in a happy place it reduced my fear of my RA injections. On one occasion at my Dr.'s visit, this was given me a challenge. My Rheumatologist walked into the room and asked was I ready for treatment. I looked at him and asked him if he could give me a couple of minutes. I wanted to prepare myself. He excused himself and said that he would return. My Dr. walked back in the room with a huge needle in one hand and an alcohol swab in the other. He asked me was I ready, almost in tears, I told him I wasn't ready. The Dr. looked a little frustrated and told me he had other patients. I would have thought the excruciating pain that I was enduring would have been enough motivation to have no fear. I was frozen and recall saying, "I just need to gather myself." He waited a few more moments, but it seemed I could not tell myself I could do this. I begin to visualize being in a happy place. Seconds later, I told my Rheumatologist I was ready. I think where the injection was going was the most fearful part for me. I got it done. Yes, it was very painful!!
My point being this may be easy for one person but not necessary for another. For me it is a nightmare, however I know it is necessary for my health. I've analyzed it, spoke to different people about how do they handle injections. My response was exactly what I thought it would be. For some it's a piece of cake and a big ordeal for others. As for psyching myself up and telling myself it isn't as bad as it seems works for me. I have come along way and I will continue implementing this for my fear. Why change something if it works. The sad thing I feel is for those that refuse to have treatment because of their fear of injections. It jeopardizes their optimal health, it limits their abilities to have good health, Fear is so real. I have found what works for me. I've learn to turn the impossibility into possibility. It's so powerful since I will most likely be getting injections for the rest of my life. We give fear too much control. I have taken control over my fear. I have no problem in doing what my Dr. orders. I've come along way since being an RA patient. I want to be free to have the best health I can have and not letting an emotion overpower it.

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