RA, Fibromyalgia, & Teaching P.E.

Hello all, my story is simple: get up in the morning, try to get to the gym for workout, get coffee, get to school, set up equipment for lessons, teach 4 45 min. periods of 30-40 students at a time, 2 classes leave and 2 more are at the doors, ready to come in. 30 min. for lunch, get through the afternoon with more double classes, think about stopping at the store for a few groceries, get home, dinner, shower, visit from my beloved for an hour, say good night/good bye and head to bed, only to run through in my brain, everything that happened during the day. I have had many more flare-ups this year, because the specialists’ schedule has changed so dramatically with less time for lunch and breaks. It hurts, but I am trying hard to beef up my workout at the gym, before school. Why don’t I retire?? Well, I am going to try for one more year, for financial reasons. I hate the methotrexate, but I hate it worse if I don’t take it for one week. It makes me more nauseous. Oh yes, I’m also taking Gabapentin for my nerve pain from the spinal stenosis I have. I feel like a zombie at times, and I sometimes am amazed that my guy continues to stay with me. He is amazing, and us trying to educate himself about RA/Fibromyalgia. I feel overmedicated, but I don’t know what the alternative would be. It took a long time to be diagnosed; trips to ER with severely swollen knee, the wrist, then lips! I looked like Daisy Duck! Finally the diagnosis. I love my Rheumy. He cares about everything that could cause me stress, and we talk about solutions. Good luck to all, hang in there, and pray!


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