RA has slowed me down

I am 52 yrs old and was dx'd at 35 after about 3 years of being sick and having progressively painful joints. Fortunately, my kids were in middle school before it started affecting me and I started having bad flares. Unfortunately, I haven't been responsive to many of the medications without bad side effects. Currently, I take Arava which helps with the symptoms but doesn't let me have remission.I am blessed with a supportive husband and wonderful insurance. I have had to give up most of my hobbies and volunteering, but I stay busy helping people on the internet and in support groups. I exercise daily as much as I can tolerate without pushing over into a nasty flare. I eat healthy and I guard my stress level. I believe this disease and the other autoimmune disorders I have have given me patience and compassion. It has also strengthened my faith and spirituality. I am hoping they come up with a cure in my lifetime but if not, in time to help the next generation.

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