With RA and living a full life

I'm a 64-year-old that was diagnosed with RA 3 years ago but I probably had it for a long time before that. Deformed fingers, not being able to move joints during flare ups, sometimes I could not get out of bed.

My rheumatologist recommended pills (I have to be careful, I only have one kidney, having lost the other one to cancer) but I decided to try alternative ways.

What did I do? I found out that there are foods that cause inflammation and I cut them out of my diet. Since I stopped eating dairy products (no milk, no cheese), red meat, bread and all the other grains, no rice (that was a tough one for a Hispanic), no tortillas. I found out that biggest cause of pain was sugar, so no more sugar. I now live without pain.

Sometimes I walk and I feel like I'm floating. I can go up stairs two at a time. I sleep well every night. I get up in the morning and have no pain. The change has been miraculous. I also walk 3-4 days a week and watch my weight. Last year I went to Africa with my daughter for 21 days. Flew 2 very long flights (one 12 hours and the other 11 hours), sitting for hours and no pain. We went on 14 game drives in South Africa and Botswana, no pain. We walked many miles at Victoria Falls, no pain. And all without expensive medication.

But I have to be careful, not long ago my wife and I went out and we had ice cream, oh the pain afterwards! Within 15 minutes my right shoulder was hurting like crazy (it used to be my most damaged joint). I also had pain in my fingers and could not even open a bottle. The pleasure of the ice cream was not worth it.

I'm not a doctor. The only proof that I have is my personal experience. But I tell you what... it has worked for me. It takes will power but the alternative is to live in pain and I don't want that anymore.

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