RA, mononucleosis,and pancreatitis.

Last updated: March 2017

One year ago, I began experiencing severe fatigue. Not unusual due to RA diagnosis several years ago. Then I started experiencing stomach pains right under my ribs, all the way across. Low grade fever (99 -101) aggravated the fatigue. When I went to the doctor, not my PC, he tested for flu and diagnosed bronchitis. Several days later, not feeling better, went back to medical center feeling faint in addition to same symptoms. I passed out with BP 75/50. Started IV fluids and sent me to emergency room. Drew blood, finished IV and sent me home. On Monday, I was back at the doctor and was admitted to hospital. More blood work x-rays, CT and MRI. Diagnosis: swollen spleen, pancreatitis and infectious mononucleosis. Several days of antibiotics and liquid diet, I was sent home. Seem to be okay, though I still have flares on occasion. Recently, started feeling the same way but my mono test was negative though white count was elevated as was ESR and CPR. PC increased potassium, magnesium and calcium, after a week, I was better.

My question is; has anyone else had a similar experience and should I expect more?

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