RA, what is it! I was not ready for this!

RA, what is it! I was not ready for this!

Last updated: May 2020

I was recently diagnosed with RA up until then I had no idea what it was or how bad it could be. It all started with pain in my knee and just telling myself that its arthritis and the weight (as I am over weight) but then it got worse and started to affect my other knee and then my hands to the point the pain was so bad, my feet were swollen. I could barely close my hands it hurt so much. I couldn't even get off the couch without screaming in pain or my husband’s help. So off to Dr.'s I go. After long painful months I finally get referred to a specialist who then diagnosed me with RA. So, what's that mean? I wonder... Well, let me tell you it's a lot scarier than I thought (when read google) but thankfully I found this site and it has opened my eyes to so much and made me realize that I'm not alone and also helps with fear of what to expect...

Now with that being said not everyone's pain and symptoms are the same but it's nice having a source to refer to. I mean I'm 32 years old and I have to change my whole way of life it's scary the unknown.

So, thank you to everyone who shares cause reading your stories makes me know I'm not alone as most know it's hard for people who don't have RA to understand the full extent of our pain and worries.
Now it's time to work through the pain and learning to live with RA. Also, it's not just me who's life will change my husband's has too. With saying that I find that having a support system in place will helping during the "dark times" as I refer to it.

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