Is This An RA Problem or Old Age?

I know many RA disease sufferers have gone through the gammit with the medical profession; "you don't have RA, you don't look like it." "You have gout." One of our friends from 'the white coats society' came back into the examining room laughing gregariously, "we've been laughing at you and I just wanted to tell you don't have RA."

Well needless to say, I was totally embarrassed because I know what my body was doing to me and the constant pain I was experiencing.

One day I asked one of those of the 'white coats society' why was it every time I moved my head from side to side I'd hear a crunchy sound, it's like my head is on a foundation that needs grease? She replied, "it comes with age." I was only 61 years old, and that just didn't set too well with me, an old neck needing a 3 & 1 oil can! Imagine that?

After haggling with the 'white coat society', I've finally been properly diagnosed as having RA.

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