My RA Story

Hi, My name is Christina and I'm 37 years old I have been married 20 years and have 3 teenage boys.

I will start my story from the start it was November 2008 and my Daddy had a massive heart attack and almost died 3 times that night. He was very sick in ICU for weeks and when he got a little stronger he had triple bypass surgery. Every thing went great at that time and then he got a infection in his wound \. So he was rushed in surgery and had a 12% chance to live. It was touch and go for a long time. And during this time I was working part time taking care of the boys and my Mommy that don't drive. So for 4 months I did this and was getting ready to go to California for work. During my crazy week in LA I was so tired I just thought I was getting sick . So when I got home I took a couple days off work to rest but I just got worse So we just thought it was the Flu. Finally I went to the doctor and he started doing tons of test. And to my shock he called me and said its RA. I didn't even know what that was. So that started my new life of medicines , infusion and trying to keep working. But that didn't last long after 3 years I couldn't work.

So now 5 years later I'm on disability . My Rheumatologist is great. I'm currently on Orencia infusion , Mxt shots, Vicodin ,and Skelaxin.

At this time I'm off my Orencia and Mxt waiting on surgery on my ankle . Thank You for reading my story.

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