RA Sucks!

I just got diagnosed in July. I never dreamed this could happen to me! Even though I already had osteoarthritis, I figured well that's to be expected since I'm 62 and my mom had it too. I've always been healthy and active. I've never even KNOWN anyone who had RA!

After having ongoing problems with my right hand, my doctor sent me for some blood work to check RF which was elevated so I went to the rheumatologist. She put me on Plaquenil and after 3 months, still no improvement so added Methotrexate. Also on Prednisone. Things have escalated! My pain is now in both hands and wrists, left shoulder, right hip, and to add insult to injury, the doctor didn't give me anything for pain. Having trouble functioning, and not sleeping much at all.

I understand it might take a while for all this to kick in, but I'm still suffering. Heat and cold, and epsom salts are the only relief I get for now.

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