RA with Cortisol and Prolactin deficiency’s

Hi everyone I am new to the group. Just wanted to introduce myself and ask if anyone has experienced any of the same symptoms that I am currently experiencing.
My name is Wendy, I am 34 with 3 children and a wonderful husband. For over a year I have had complained to my PCP about extreme fatigue. She of course would say well you have a 12 year old and 2 year old twins, you work part time and are a College Student. Get more rest was her advice. Later in 2016 other symptoms occurred. I started having elevated prolactin levels and extremely low Cortisol level which literally left me nearly comatose. All of this year (2017) I have dealt with issues of these extremely high Prolactin and very low Cortisol. I have seen 4 endocrinologist, 4 OBGYN (prolactin causes galactorea), my PCP monthly and finally a Reproductive Endocrinologist. I knew I had arthritis but continued to focus on all the endocrine related illnesses. After weeks of constant joint pain and swelling, I could barely walk I finally went yet again to my PCP and was then referred to Rheumatologist. I don’t have specific numbers, but was told that all inflammatory markers were extremely high and that my levels resembled that of a 65 year old woman rather than a newly diagnosed 34 year old. I am now 2 weeks in with Methotrexate, Prednisone and folic acid.

My question, could RA have caused all these other more endocrine related symptoms as well?? More specific, has anyone else experienced Prolactin and Cortisol issues at the same time as a RA flare up?

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