Is this normal?

I have metastatic prostate disease. I am awaiting treatment for that due to conflict in my scans. I am awaiting permission for a special scan to determine my treatment for that.

Rapid onset of RA symptoms

About six weeks ago while I was undergoing scans, my hands and feet started feeling stiff and swollen up. Within 10 days, the pain and swelling started affecting my knees and hips. Within another week, my elbows and shoulders. I was diagnosed with RA one week ago.

Treating the stiffness and swelling

I have been taking Advil - it seems to be the only thing that helps the swelling at all. My general practitioner prescribed Celebrex three weeks ago or so. I took it for a week it had no effect. When I saw the rheumatologist, he prescribed sulfasalazine. I’ve been taking that for a week.

Can rheumatoid arthritis come on this suddenly?

Is this normal to have all of my major joints affected so rapidly by rheumatoid arthritis? This morning I could barely stand my knees were so stiff and painful. I could not get a coffee cup out of the cupboard because I could not raise my arm above my chest from the pain in my shoulder and elbow. Is this normal for this disease to affect a person's whole body like this in a period of four weeks?

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