Hi I am a 78-year-old great grandmother. I have fibro, RD, 4 different arthritis', low thyroid and a few others.
I suffered with fibro for 25 years and low thyroid as my doctor didn't believe in them. I was the yes you have it 8 years ago. It was a long painful life because family and others thought I was just trying to get others to feel sorry for me. That was not true, I just hurt really bad.
One year and half I found out I had RD and the pain is so much worst I wonder if I can keep on going. At last my family believed me as there is so much information out there and their friends have known others with it. Am I hurt that nobody knew I would never lie about, YES. I hide the hurt but it will never go away.
Now I have a good Dr. that is trying to help me. This does not go away and the hurt will never go away. I try very hard to be happy and keep going. The only relief is when it is time for bed and I can lay down. Now it is starting to hurt in bed. The hip hurts and others when I lay down.

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