Rheumatoid atrhritis and how I still work my fulltime job

I was 36 when everything started to go downhill. I had knee surgery and my leg did not heal like it should.  While I was still trying to work, my body got worse.  I was walking like a 80-year old person.  I did not know what I had but I knew it was not good.

The day my doctor diagnosed me with RA, my body hurt everywhere. I was so depressed and in pain that I wanted to die. This RA thing really hit me.  But the doctor started me off with a few steroids and some meds to try and get it in remission.  The first med did not work.  So I asked around and I found out one of my cousin's husband had the same problem.  He told me he took methotrexate.  So from there I got so much better in about 3 months.  In the meantime my family helped me feel better.  I got more positive as the doctor and the meds helped out.  It took a total of 10 months to get back to my fulltime job.  I'm off the steroids.  But I still continue to take the methotrexate.  And sometimes I take Aleve to help manage the pain.  So in short your family and doctors mean so much.

Please if you take anything from this story love God and your family and take one day at a time. Because that's all we can do.

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