Old RA

Last updated: April 2021

Hello to the wonderful world of RA ... This will be my introduction to your community.

The rheumatoid arthritis community is worldwide

I'm 56M from France, and I've been living with RA for 8 years now. I have severe health conditions, that all started when I was sixteen. My RA is under control, but still not remissive.

My current RA treatments

I put great hopes into Rinvoq, which is, with MTX, my new prescription. I've reached the highest admissible levels and needed something new, modern, and suitable for the geek inside me. This is my second week with Rinvoq, and I'm looking forward to my new drug having a full effect on me.

Acceptance isn't giving up

I will never complain about RA or another disease since I prefer to accept they are part of my life to live happier.

I'm knocking at the door of your community because I'm a bit fed up with French communities' behaviors, and I believe it's good for me to train my written English and a challenge to be accepted in a foreign language.

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