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Rockin The RA!

My name is Angela and I am 43 years old. In 2012 my life changed forever. I had always had aches and pains but this one particular in the morning I’d wake up and could barely move. The pain was so intense I had to go to the doctor and here is where this roller coaster of a ride began.
My diagnosis was Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I will never forget that month. You see my grand-baby was born the same month of my diagnosis. I was so distraught at the fact that I could not hold my grand-baby without assistance. I remember being in a very dark place for a very long time. I was a very active person and loved going, camping, fishing, music festivals and most of all I love hoop dancing. So needless to say I felt like “my” world had ended.
So after months of taking steroids and being an emotional wreck, I decided it was time to be proactive and regain my life back. I started doing research on foods that were good for inflammation and I started juicing them everyday. Eventually I was able to get off the steroids and began regaining my life back. I have learned that I don’t have to give up all of the things I loved to do. I just had to learn to make modifications and to listen to my body. I have learned that sometimes you have to just get up and “rock” it. I have had to “rock” a knee brace, wrist brace, and a boot. When you take pride in your self it helps you to feel better at least for me anyway.
So fast forward to now. I work full time in the mental health field working with children. I have also started a blog that is dedicated to bringing awareness and support to those who are suffering from chronic illness. I remember how alone I felt and how no one could understand the pain I was in because my disease was “invisible” and I don’t want others to go through what I went through.
Having a chronic illness has taught me some positive things. I have learned to not be judgmental of others, to be an advocate for others in need, and that it’s OK to put myself first.

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  • Eebtool
    3 years ago

    ROCK ON!!

  • madre
    3 years ago

    I found your story and diagnosis interesting..A friend of mine in Canada was told she did not have RA or Fibromyalgia but Polymyalgia Rheumatica which involves inflammation of muscles and joints and is being treated with oral prednisone..Would you share what foods you could “juice” that were good for the inflammation..

  • Erin Rush moderator
    3 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing part of your story with the community, arayburn3! It sounds like you have found a way to make the best of your RA diagnosis and that’s great! I think you shared a lot of wisdom in your story. While it’s not always easy to maintain a positive attitude, studies have shown over and over that it really *can* help manage one’s symptoms. A positive attitude is a very powerful tool to have at your disposal. And you seem to have it in spades.

    I am glad that you have a found a treatment plan that works for you. Some of our members have a great luck with making dietary changes and have noticed significant changes in their RA symptoms.

    I am glad you are sharing your experience with the wider online community, as well. One of the greatest benefits of the internet is that it has become a great tool of communication and connection for people around the world. I bet your blog is a welcome voice in the chronic disease community.

    I thought you might relate to this story from one of our contributors about finding the happy, in spite of RA —

    It sounds like you have found your “happy”. And that’s pretty awesome.

    Thank you again for sharing! We are glad to have you as a part of this community!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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