Rome wasn't built in a day....

So how does this famous phrase tie into RA? Well, this post is all about patience and the need for anyone with a chronic disease to possess this trait if they are to successfully manage RA.

Anyone who know me personally can tell you that I am a person who likes things to get done yesterday. As a full blown type A person, I am one of those people who does not handle "puttsy" folks who just take their time accomplishing tasks. I have always envied those who can "take it in stride", "smell the roses", and all those wonderful attributes associated with patience. I have to wonder if the lack of patience is there from birth...must be 'cause I don't remember every having it!
Having said that, there are times that my non stop, get it done now approach has proved valuable and all things considered it has served me well. BUT....when it comes to managing RA impatience is a disaster waiting to happen!
We are told to "wait" from the first moment we step into the first appointment with the first physician.

Waiting becomes the catch phrase - we wait months, often years for a diagnosis of RA. We go through trial and error with medications and treatments to see what might work. We are told to "wait" 4-6 months to see if a medication will work. We wait for lab results, CT scan, MRI's, etc. to find out if we have joint erosions or other nasty problems associated with RA. We wait for years to see what lovely side effects might be unfolding in our bodies from the wonderfully evil medications we take. We wait for surgeries to repair joints, etc. and then we have to wait while we heal and recover. If we cannot do this with some degree of not only acceptance but even "patience", we are in for a long and miserable life!

I am finding that due to the fact I simply have no choice with chronic disease management,this patience trait that I so struggle with is beginning to worm its way into my personality and has become yet another tool in my RA management toolbox.

I have discovered that the ability to be patient breeds positivity since you are naturally more optimistic and relaxed. I am determined to not allow myself to sink into negative thoughts and attitudes as studies show that having a negative approach to life leads to poor outcomes health wise. Staying positive and leading our battle against RA with a strong, purposeful and yes, patient approach will help us reach our goal of successful management that much sooner!
Nan Hart

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