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Shedding Tears

Shedding Tears

I share my story because of the simple fact of how debilitating RA is. I was awaken by very stiff, locked shoulders. I couldn’t move my arm any way. I tried everything for relief, unfortunately nothing worked. I used cream, heat. It hurt so bad and all I could do was lie in my bed and cry. Uncomfortable would be an understatement. I couldn’t watch TV or basically do anything. My left hip was in so much pain. Sometimes the only thing we can do is shed a tear. This went on for 3 days and I just couldn’t take it, I called my Dr. and had an Emergency visit. With tears in my eyes and barely making it. I walked in. There, almost missing the chair, I had developed a fever and infection. OH my goodness, I know it was the worse pain I had ever experienced. I received treatment and praying all the locked back, locked shoulders, stiff hip would be over. I know everybody had a certain pain tolerance. I had mine that put rashes all over my face and neck. I find it amazing how the body will let you know when something is wrong. It’s like the body has its own alarm system. My alarm system that day was going bonkers. I could only shed a tear. I hope that my story has shed some light that Rheumatoid Arthritis is no laughing matter. I am living proof, it will not only bring you to your knees but bring you to tears as well. This is when we need love and compassion. We just need someone to understand, sometimes this disease will leave you crying. Thanks for allowing me to share my day of tears and pain.

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  • julyorchid
    2 years ago

    I’m so sorry!! I have been fighting a flare in my shoulder and elbow and feel like I know at least part of what you’re going through. Yesterday, I had to have my husband pull my shirt up over my arm because I couldn’t do it. He accidentally jostled the arm and all I could do was whisper “Lord please help me” because the pain was overwhelming. My family doctor was off yesterday and my rheumatologist didn’t want to give me meds because I also had a fever. The arm is better today after sleeping in my recliner with the arm straight down to my side and not moving at all. I pray you get some relief soon!

  • Eebtool
    2 years ago

    So sorry to hear that you had to suffer through the pain that RA can deliver. For many this seeming surprise attack on their bodies can really bring down their spirits and cause much confusion to what the future holds. I do hope that you have a loving support network nearby that can understand what you are going through.

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