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October 17th of this year, I called my doctor for an appointment regarding my suspicion of having shingles.

Was this shingles?

I had them 12 years ago, so I knew immediately what I had.

I had noticed the rash the day before when I got out of the shower. The doctor immediately gave me an antiviral in her office and called in a prescription.

She also gave me gabapentin. The pain was so bad I could hardly sleep at night.

Persistent pain

It is now December 7, and I am still having pain.

Although not as significant as it was in the beginning, I still have it.

The first time I had it, it was from the middle of my chest to the middle of my back on the left side. It’s the same this time. Unfortunately, back then I had the pain for three months.

I am praying that it doesn’t last that long this time. My doctor said that I could get shingles again.

Considering the future with shingles

I’m up in the air about what to do.

I do know that effective January 1, 2023, my health insurance will pay for the shingles shot, on both of them. The doctor said if I do get them again, and have the shot, I shouldn’t get them as bad.

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