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Side Effects.

I’m trying to find out if anyone has had any side effects to methotrexate. I believe what is happening to my body right now are some side effects to the medication methotrexate. Please share with me if you have any from taking this medication.

Thank you so much
Norreen Clark
Claremont N.H.

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  • Saylav44
    3 years ago

    I take methotrexate for my Ra and have for yearsmake sure your doctor prescribes folic acid to alleviate some of the side effects.I did lose a lot of hair at first and it is still much thinner than it used to be,I also have nausea and fatigue,however I do not have significant joint damage and am lucky to have an excellent rheumatoid doctor.

  • 1oag9b1
    4 years ago

    I have taken hMethotrexate three times and each time I have had internal bleeding. I have also had issues with most RA drugs,
    There will be those who will climb up one side of me and down the other, but I have had RA for 30+ years, treatment, therapy etc etc. painkillers are the only thing I take now. They help me get up and move along through the out the day. Blood tests show acceptable levels in liver function, blood, in Fact I’m in good shape. I attribute that to the diet I have stayed with for 20 years. Most would not adhere to it. This is as bad as it will get. If painkillers help me (low doses and frequent ) then so be it. The stigma attached to painkillers is unfair and bigoted. So they can all go ahead and label me whatever the catchphrase is
    for today. My days are ok, my nights are bad, but this is as bad as it has been for the last 10 years. For me it’s all about my comfort level. I heard somel died of RA? Don’t know. But I’m finished being a test subject.
    Goodnight all. I honestly wish the best for everyone. This is a horrid disease. Find a good place and stay there.

  • Norreen Clark author
    4 years ago

    I hear you loud and clear. I have RA, OR, and now CPPD. Most medication make me sick and have had RA for 36 years. Nights can be the worse and I’m always looking for a way that I can make a difference in my life or someone elses. My strong belief in the lord and eating what I believe is right has made a difference. My friends get made at me and the Doctor shakes her head. but what life i have I’m going to live it and do what I think is best for me. Keep the faith and stay in touch.

  • 2a8yeoj
    4 years ago

    Hi Noreen I have only experienced nausea, so far… Good luck!

  • Norreen Clark author
    4 years ago

    I did not know this, that if you have another immune system problem you should not take methotrexate. I in fact do. I see my doctor today so lets see what she says. I have licken plantus in my mouth and is active all the time.
    Thank You
    Norreen Clark
    Claremont N.H.

  • Jenn Lebowitz
    4 years ago

    Hi Norreen Clark,

    Thank you so much for posting this, and for being part of the community.

    While this article may be helpful as it includes potential side effects of methotrexate (, however, we want to encourage you to speak with your doctor/medical team as soon as possible about any new or worsening symptoms or side effects, to rule out any possible other underlying causes, as we cannot provide personal medical advice/answers via the internet.

    Please do keep us posted on how you’re doing! We’ll be thinking of you. Thanks again for sharing.


    Jenn (Community Manager,

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