Well, I finally administered my first injection of Simponi. This was last week on Wednesday. I had a virtual visit with my rheumatologist and RN and she, the RN, went over the steps with me as I did them. It was an auto injector. It was very easy.

Waiting to see if the infusion helps

So now the waiting starts. The week before as I was extremely hurting, I was able to see my family doctor and I had cortisone injections in my right knee and hip. That has helped quite a bit. Also my RN had me increase my prednisone up as my CRP was high.

Feeling optimistic about my new medication

I have high hopes for Simponi to work for me. My hands, wrist and of course everywhere needs this benefit.

Thank you all for the best wishes and the comment about reassurances for no more mixups.

I did speak to both my RN and Rheumatologist when they were together on my virtual visit. I found out, by accident, that it was a dismissal letter. They did listen to me and realized they need to put in place a second check before letters are sent. It was sent to my family doctor.

After my appointment was over I felt bad about bringing it up to them. That is just me. They both reassured me and apologize to me again.

Blessings to all

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