Rheumatoid is slowly killing me

I'm 62 and had Rheumatoid (hereditary) since 26. Nothing has seemed to stop it. All the DMARDS etc. some nearly killing me or leaving me susceptible to infections. Getting pneumonia/colds/flu every year.

A Rheumatologist was going to put me on a B-cell biologic but after my last blood test I would not meet the criteria for it.

You see I read about a natural supplement SAMe Methionine. On 400mgs per day and in 6 weeks has turned my Rheumatoid around a lot. My Rheumatoid factor went from 1695 down to 911. ESR from 65 down to 11 and CRP went down to 8.

SAMe also did better than just bring my inflammatory markers down - it absolutely cured (big word I know) but true, my Hypo (Low) Thyroid. It appears to be helping lots of Rheumatoid/Osteo/Hypo thyroid/depression patients. Is available in Italy, Spain, Russia, and Germany as a prescription medication.

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