It started in 1981....

The whole thing started when I was 14 years old. My knees started to hurt like heck. The doctors said it was a 'side effect' from the knee operation to correct (unsuccessfully) a club foot. I still continued to have knee pain that could only be helped by ibuprofen or Aleve even into my adult years (when I was pregnant I switched to Tylenol). But then in May of 2014 the pain was still in my knees but it had progressed to my hands and elbows! The doctors tried pain killers, predinsolone and celecoxib...they helped but not for long. The doctor then referred me to a rheumatologist who did the all the tests. I was formally diagnosed with sero-negative RA in December 2014. I am fixing to go on a biologic TNF-antagonist after 4 months of Plaquenil, MTX and Celebrex. The rest is history.

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