Staying positive through cycling

My favorite quote is "A good bike ride fixes everything." That might seem strange, considering that I've had RA for 25 years. I've been involved with cycling for the last 5 years and it's really helped with management of the disease. But a close look at my hands, feet, the way I walk, and it's pretty clear that those joints (even if I had surgery) will never be "normal" again. So why do I love that quote?

I make it a point to ride, almost every day. I tell myself that even though I'm really tired and my joints may not be moving well, that I'll feel better after the first mile. And I usually do. And at the end of the ride, it doesn't matter how fast or slow, or the distance traveled. It's much more than that ... it's amazing scenery, the wind on my face, stopping at a favorite coffee shop, making it to the top of a hill and flying down the other side, and good times and laughter shared with other cyclists. I'm able to forget about RA even if it's just for a moment. It's so good for the soul - and all of a sudden everything seems ok.

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