My story of pain, fatigue and more

Last updated: October 2016

I was 36 when I started having flare ups, which I was missed diagnosed for at least 6 months for both shoulders. Couldn't pick up anything and my husband had to help bathe me and help go to bathroom. And my baby boy was just few months old. But anyway the pain was worse then giving birth. Next it was both wrists and hands I nearly passed out cause of the pain, I had huge knots that swelled up I remember wanting to die. Didn't know what was wrong I was still trying to work when I could. Then both feet and ankles flared couldn't walk at all for 3 or 4 days, then both knees, then both hips, and my neck. I literally went through 7 months of. Hell until I could get insurance. They did a blood test that's when they found out it was RA, but flare ups got worse, but RA doctors are very busy so it took 3 or more months to see him. My dad had RA everywhere. He was bed ridden before he passed away. I made it 3 years working, but missed a lot of days, I had and still have severe fatigue, and people don't understand, so one day I went to work, I was already hurting so bad I didn't even make it 2 hours, I left that day and I couldn't take it any more so came home took all the medicine I had left, my husband found me and got me to hospital in time. Went to hospital now I've also been diagnosed with bipolar, ptsd, anxiety disorder, and can't leave. Home unless going to dr. All this has turned my world upside down, I struggle every day, but I'm still breathing and my baby is 5 now, but I feel so bad cause I don't have energy for anything I still hurt like hell. That my story.

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