This is my story and I'm paining to it....

Last updated: April 2016

My story starts when I was young, for years I had aches and pains, like others I was labeled an attention seeker, nothing was wrong with me, I was too young to have all this pain. I would go to bed and cry, if only my parents or someone would listen to my words, I cried then and 40 years later I still go to bed and cry, when I was 42 I had to go on disability, all my hard work, everything I worked for was going, going, going. You see, if you haven't been there you really don't know how going from $50 grand a year to $19,000 a year, our lifestyles sure change adding fuel to the fire. Over the years I have treated my RA with most drugs, no infusions for my insurance will not pay for it, I suffer with the crippling hands and fingers to the toe stacking. When one takes many pain meds and nothing touches your pain, you have a problem. I’m 58, raising a grand child from birth who will be 16 this year. I have no quality of life, if I can get up I can’t get down and vice-versa, I find myself feeling like my life would be satisfied in the nursing home... Maybe when my grand daughter turns 18 and can make it on her own I will look into it, as of now I suffer and most the time I suffer alone. I believe in God and love him greatly and I know there is a reason for my pain, so many days I just hate my life...Until the next post, take care, try to stay pain to all.

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