My Story of RA experiences with assortment of treatments!

When I was diagnosed with RA about three and half years ago, I did not know much about it. My RA Dr. at the time, came back with me blood work results and had a sad look on his face, then told me that I had RA, and was so sorry. He had hoped it would only be Osteo, but no, I was blessed with the immune system marginalized as well! So He then put me on the first group of med-Plaquenil! After the flare ups did not subside with this oral medicine, he checked me for other types of meds like using oral methotrexate. Had to take some medicine for nine months before I could take those. Due to the fact I was exposed to TB in my childhood years while living in Germany! While I never had TB, I was still having to take the precautionary prescription! Then was on about eight per week. Not too much improvement. In the meantime, thought I would seek out another RA Specialist! Found a great lady Doctor and who wanted to help me get situated and not just trial and error meds. I began doing exercises with a professional Trainer a few times a week. Thought I would never get through it, because my legs is the location of the majority of the RA pain! So I went slowly and very carefully with the weights. Back to my Doctor who decided I need to get more aggressive with my relief, and put me on the methotrexate injections! That seemed a lot better for a while. Then it was time to add a biologic. We began with Humira, after a rash and cancer lesions on my skin, went to Enbrel. It seemed to work for a little while then went into neutral! So after one of my regular visits, she told me of an oral pill, that would replace one of the biologics and the maybe ease out of the methotrexate. I looked and researched further what I could do for myself to ease the joint discomfort. So I found a place that offered hot Yoga. I signed up and braveley stood for 90 minutes (not the entire time) at 105 degrees with some very difficult positions. Never having taken Yoga ever, it was quite a double whammy! Nevertheless, I continued and realized that the joints did benefit and the more I attend the classes the better I have felt! Now not everyone needs to take the hot yoga. That was my choice, for other benefits as well! I have discovered that Yoga or pilates is very beneficial along with the required meds! I will continue on this road for my continued progress, and maybe others can benefit! Maria

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