I have had RA for over 35 years. It took many doctor visits to finally get told what I have.

Managing a chronic illness

Many visits came out with bags of pills to try.

Finally got to the right doctor but as she told my husband, there is no cure, didn't like that answer. I have had shots, IV infusions, etc. until side effects would show up.

I have a left hand that I really can't use anymore and right fingers are starting to bend, my feet have hammertoes which hurt.

RA symptoms becoming stronger

I'm only now on methotrexate and prednisone.

I do know my RA is getting worse pain most every day and you just want to scream!

My husband passed away 2 yrs ago so stress does play a part. I will never give in to my disease. I have never have said why me.

I take one day at a time which I tell my friends that is all you can do.

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