A Rude Awakening

Hi. Let me start by saying that this disease does not discriminate by any means. And I think that RA awareness is very important. It should be treated like it was cancer. It is just as toxic. I wish I would've known about this when I was active and more mobile.

Getting teeth pulled and a sudden flare

I am just now 56 yrs old and I should not be feeling like I am 95. I did not know that this gene has been in my body since the day I was born. I was fine until I had all my teeth pulled about 1 1/2 yrs ago and then it was on like a wild fire 🔥 out of control and just that quick. I saw changes in my hands my body ached constantly. I was feeling depressed, and swollen so I was referred to my RA doctor.

A rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis was confirmed

She confirmed that yes this is what I had, not to mention hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disk disease. All it took was getting teeth pulled to flare it up.

The importance of awareness around RA

I believe that If there was more awareness out there like other diseases, this debilitating sickness could have been easier for me. But as quick as it came and all I have lost I am having a hard time moving forward. My friends and my family have all abandoned me. I am fighting this alone with my fiance and my puppy. I can't express enough to anyone who has any deformed joints, aches, pains, hot, cold, burning, or intermittent vibrations to ask to do a blood test for RA. Don't wait and if there are ever any ways to help make others aware, do so. Thank you for listening.

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