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Surprise Visitor

I have another poem, I hope it will bring you some comfort. Penny

Surprise Visitor

Pain came to visit again today.
I thought it had already moved in,
But what I understood as pain, was
In reality a heaping portion of pity.

It is good that pain stopped by.
There has been no mention of when
It intends to leave, but without it,
My pity would have gotten a deeper hold on me.

There is nothing sadder than a person
Who has pity for themselves, and none for others.
It is hard to be around a person like this.
Even for a short time.

Take two aspirins,
Grab a hold of yourself
And look around where you are right now.
There is always a good candidate who could use your pity.

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  • Pauline J C
    1 year ago

    Well written Penny.There are always people worse off than yourself. Two years ago we lost our beautiful Daughter to Cancer.She suffered traeatment for 4 years in great pain. Compered with the heartache of watching My girl R.A is so little to contend with. I was diagnosed in 1995 and take each day as it comes and am thankful that I can still use my legs .Thank you for your poem it says it all.

  • Lauren Tucker moderator
    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing another great poem in our stories Penabbo. Pain can certainly be difficult for other’s to understand.
    We are glad to have you here!
    Best, Lauren ( Team)

  • penabbo author
    2 years ago

    Thank you Lauren. I am very glad my friend recommended you!

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