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Active lifestyle interrupted

I had just recovered from three back surgeries due to scoliosis, disc degenerative disease, and a multitude of other issues, none related to RA. I had been very active (100 miles a week on my bike + mountain biking) when I had an ingrown toenail. Went to my physician, and he sent me directly to an orthopedic surgeon.

The x-rays were shocking! The bones in my left foot were literally a shock to me and the entire office staff. The bones had been separating significantly. I eventually was diagnosed with severe RA.

Coping with Unexpected News

I knew there was something wrong with my left foot, but I was completely surprised by the diagnosis. I had two surgeries to put my foot back together and started on my RA journey of medications and complete change in lifestyle, including being determined completely disabled.

Daily struggles and hope

I fight it every day with the myriad of symptoms. I know I'm not curable, but I'd like a break after five+ years.
How do you deal with the daily symptoms of RA? Share below!
Foot X-Ray Before First Surgery

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