It only takes a split second

There is something no one can explain unless you live in the body of one who suffers RA. With many things to do on a daily basis, the question is put before you - how do you do it?. I've been dealing with stiff arms, fingers, toes and legs. I mean literally feeling like a big old zombie. If it could stiffen up on me, it has.

I'm at not even one day at a time, but making it one second at a time. My pain has become unbearable and some days just to pick up my coffee mug is too much...

What to do when your body just doesn't want to cooperate?

For me there are not many choices. You know you have taken your meds. You have rubbed your joints down. You are off your feet. You have plugged in your heating pad. I have come to the conclusion, second by second. It's difficult to make plans or promise anybody anything because you don't know whether you can make good on it. I stop making promises. I stop giving certain times I will be places because I have become so present to that when my symptoms kick it, it's a second by second moment.

We have heard the old cliche to take it "One day at a time" but with multiple chronic illness, it's not true. Even as I write today, my pain is at a very high level. I have cancelled everything I may have anticipated on doing today. Why? I can't do it.I can't properly get in my car and even go to the store. We use a lot of power by merely maneuvering the steering wheel of our car.I remember driving to a appointment and before I could make it back home I was having challenges.I had this car behind me trying to drive super fast,with my toes being in pain,my arms,my shoulders.I was lucky if I could go 20 miles an hour. This is not good. It was a second by second move. I realize now that this isn't good.When I have severe pain. I don't even leave my house.
We have to make better choices and sometimes they are seconds log minute sessions.

We only know our limits

Nobody knows your capabilities like you.No one knows your pain level like you. No one knows the aches,stiffness in your joints better than you.I was taken back when I was asked to do something that I know was not in my ability to do.Let us when we are suffering from the pains of Arthritis do things that will comprise our already weekend autoimmune system.Its not good.This will bring more damage to muscles,joints. Know your limits, know what's durable and what's not. Maybe it means second by second.

Timing Is Everything

Rushing,I was reaching in the back seat of my car to grab my purse.I didn't think nothing of it. Foolisly, I turned my neck the wrong way, within a second I had further brought damage to my already comprised body. I was in pain. I couldn't move my neck. My point is simply this, it only takes a second to change anything. Our bodies can be fine one second and raising cane the next. I know this today. My expectations are always high,but if for some reason this body doesn't cooperate. I'm so reminded of my new cliche.One second at a time.

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