Taking my medications

Hi! i'm betsy from the philippines. i got diagnosed last january 2018.

I really don't know much about RA even until now and i don't know someone who has RA. my doctor told me to take medications and told me things about RA but i never felt his sincerity to really help me. my brothers (since i don't have parents anymore) said just eat healthy and don't rely on medications. i started to do my research and watch youtube videos about RA. i found out that the medications has many side effects so i stopped taking it. i honestly don't know if it's the right thing to do. i wish someone could explain to me so i would understand. as of this writing, i am feeling pain in my elbow and my pinky finger which had been going on for months now. no swelling so far on my knees. not taking any medications. i am writing here because i have no one to talk to about my disease. should i take my medications? thank u.

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