Sometimes I don't think Drs fully know unless they have RA why its called practicing medicine. I have been on plaquenil (made me bleed vaginally for a month heavy) so switched to Methotrexate which causes weight loss and GI issues…my liver count was elevated due to methotrexate so they decreased it 7 pills a week to 4…bad idea. I started having flare ups bad…my hands..shoulders…arms…feet..ribs…jaw…and i could barely eat or get dressed…type at work…open doors..so they upped me to 6 methotrexate 3 mg folic acid..3 1000 mcg of vitamin d..and so far flares up still crazy. I have a rare form of RA called palindromic rheumatism. I've had random flares..my wrist for cpl days..then moves to ring finger…then shoulder…I'm more scared of it attacking organs. I have had to change way of thinking and handling stress. Dr says no stressing and no alcohol. Why marijuana should be legal..i know people whom it helps. I cant..I get randoms at work so just pain meds and naproxen

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