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I just want to say thank you to all of you that post your stories and experiences from living with RA. My wife has RA and many times has trouble relaying how she is truly feeling because she does not want her RA to run her life and does not want anyone's sympathy or special treatment because of her RA. She started sending me links to different stories on this site and I soon realized that it was her way of sharing how she was feeling or what she may be going through. As I started reading more and more of the stories I realized so many of them could of been written by my wife. It really helped me to understand what she was truly going through and how hard it must be for her at times to do certain things. At times I am able to recognize when she is having a flare up, RA fog or needs a recovery period from recent activities. I have learned to accept that we may need to change our schedule or just not attend certain events because no one can predict when a flare up may occur. Over time my wife has started to share more with me about her aches and pains, the things that scare her, and things she would like to do in life now because she is afraid she may not be able to later. I do not believe a year ago I could of fully understood or accepted some of, for lack of better term, her behaviors. However the stories on this site have really helped me to better understand her and learn to be there beside her for those times she needs me instead of trying to force her to do things she may not be able to do at that moment, getting upset when she cancels things at the last minute, or even just over reacting when she may have a flare up. I realize through all of you that it is hard enough for her at times to just get through the day let alone have to worry that if she tells me about how a flare up is effecting her and that I may then go into a state of panic. She just needs me to be there for her as she truly knows her own limits and is very aware of all the changes in her body.
So please continue to share your stories as they are not only helping those who may have recently been diagnosed but they do also help the loved ones of those who fight the battle everyday but may not be able too fully express what they are going through.

Thanks again from a grateful husband and I look forward to future stories

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