Thanks to the Flare Ups

My Diagnosis Story

Around 2008, I think everything you can imagine showed up for me in my health. I thought I was fairly healthy. I began to notice a lot of pain, stiffness and swelling. I had also been experiencing real severe migraines. I had a group of doctors at this time because I had been hospitalized for a Tia (stroke). I was having difficulty walking and a lot of pain. It really didn't take long because of my symptoms. I took many blood tests and was told I had RA and lupus. I was very shocked at the diagnosis because I hadn't any of these diseases. I know every now and then I couldn't walk very far without my leg and knees giving out. So here I was being treated for this and that. It was very overwhelming for me and wanted to question the doctors. I never got a second opinion but just accepted what was told to me. So here I was dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, migraines, RA, Lupus. This was all an autoimmune disease. I began to learn coping mechanisms.

I've even experienced other drs. questioning me about the diagnosis I've been given. My comment to them is it's in all my medical records. I guess its unbelievable that one woman could have so many diseases. I'm grateful for my diagnosis and my treatment. When your body is acting unusual, it's good to know there is a real illness that is causing the symptoms. It's good to have a healthcare team that cares. Its good to know that these physicians know what test to do to determine A, B and C. Its been a journey for me, but I'm now grateful for my flare ups. It just lets me know that my medical condition exists and I'm being treated for it. I take care of my health now more than ever. I certainly don't take my health for granted. My advice to people is, if you think there's something wrong with you and you don't have a clue. Go see a doctor, let them test you and put a name to that disease. It will prove beneficial in the long run. It sure has proven so for me.

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