The Long Bumpy Road

My life in numbers

I have had RA for 40 years. Started when I was 25. I have had 13 surgeries. Life has been rough, my husband did not understand my illness. I had a child with no help from anyone. Went to work when I couldn't hardly walk. I had a good job for 28 years but finally had to go out on disability. But life goes on.

My take on RA

To put RA in a nut shell: IT has an ugly face. It ruins lives and wants you to bow down and let it take over. The good news is that you can fight. You can pull yourself up and not let it take over. I have. Just keep moving, eat good food, rest, laugh, and spend time with people you care about. Remember you are strong and powerful. It's not going away. I have end-stage RA, but I will fight every inch of the way.

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