There is a purpose!

Two and a half years ago after a routine surgery and feeling great I woke up one day and hurt. As time went on it became painful and could not sleep due to the amount of pain I was in. This went on for 6 months before I finally went to see my primary physician. He ran all kinds of tests on me and my ANA came back elevated. He referred me to a rheumatologist.
I went to see the rheumatologist and she basically said I was crazy and put me on an anti-inflammatory, needless to say this did nothing.
My misery went on. I gave up doing the things I loved. I made it through each day just to go home and take pain meds for a couple of hours of relief. I was hating life.
I had had enough. I went back to my primary and asked him to refer to someone who would listen to me! I knew I wasn't crazy if someone would just listen to what was going on with me. I then found a rheumatologist, she would listen and told me my tests come back negative, but I still have RA. I have been seeing her for a year. It hasn't been all roses as we are trying to find the right meds but I have some relief.
I had a total hip replacement due to the RA and with such a big joint not being so painful life is getting better. I am looking forward to getting my life back and doing what I use to do.
I know there is a purpose to me having no RA. I don't know what the purpose is yet but I know it will find me. It may be that I become an advocate for pain patients or start a support group. I look forward to what ever it is.
Finally, I am able to live with this chronic disease!

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